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Search Engine Optimization

Targeting the Right Customers is The Key To Success !

This is where Search Engine Optimization “SEO” actually starts. Getting just the right keywords using knowledge and strategy in place up front from the get go makes the rest of your SEO campaign actually work at its best level.

To do this correctly you need to know who your target audience is. You are not necessarily targeting everyone, everywhere per say.

Once you narrow that down, we do research to find out what those people are actually looking for online. If you are selling hamburgers and trying to show up in the search results you need to know what they are actually searching for. Is it “juicy hamburgers” or is it “tasty hamburgers” or even “cheap hamburgers” and so on.

Knowing the exact terms and phrases that are being searched for allows us to really tailor your site to appeal to your target audience and beyond.

Once this is done, this will set the tone for the rest of your SEO campaign.

Increased Exposure

BLOCK sixNow that you have a site that is tailored to your audience, you need get people to come to the site and start looking at it. The more people look at your site and the longer they stay on your site, the better. But you have to start this process by strategically reaching out to people and driving them to your site.

All Miami Computer does this by creating links to your site on other relevant sites, running online advertising, etc.

We also track the results on your ad campaigns to see what people respond to and adjust the site further, getting it even more tailored to be exactly what you need to interest and convert potential visitors into solid customers.