Child Care, School and even Private Torturers websites are often the first touch-point prospective students and parents see when looking for their child’s educational information. The impression your site makes can impact the opportunity to gain new students.  The ease of finding what they’re looking for also influences current student satisfaction and directly affects the amount of time staff spends fielding questions. ACTIVE Educate’s unbeatable school website software can help.

School Website Design

Parents are possibly the most protective prospect you will ever come across when seeking new clients for your Child Care Facility, Pre-K or as a Personal Tutor where this is most important visible statement you can make ensuring not only the parents but the children as well that you are the one for them.

  • SCHOOL 4Built on an easy-to-use, robust, custom tailored website, not simply a template site
  • Your own domain and URL, not a page stored on a technology company’s site or Facebook
  • You’ll have Centralize control of your schools brand
  • Fully Optimized for search engines so potential clients will find you
  • You’ll have flexible 7 day support services

School Website Tools

Save time, money and effort when you all ow us to create website you can be proud of. Showcase to everyone what it is you specialize in and just how you are an accomplished educational provider no matter what age level of your students.

  • All Miami Computer will create an engaging, beautiful and fun web portal that represents your services, child care or school which is exactly what you want it to do.
  • We’ll publish content that is factual, appealing and inviting to all users.
  • All Miami Computer will choose modern extras, like flash integration, photo gallery, pop-up manager, and much more to showcase your facility.
  • Your website will store and manage website files, such as images, videos, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word and PowerPoint documents in the built-in digital asset library.
  • All Miami Computer can even provide live website statistics and reporting tools to track visitor behavior and activity

ACTIVE Educate Website Features

Show the sophistication of your brand and offer streamlined customer services on your website.

  • Free Basic Website Hosting: Simply, your new website will be hosted on our stable and economic environment owned and operated by All Miami Computer.
  • Site: Take new websites content and graphics are stored safely within our servers.
  • Custom Designed Site: Allow us to take your new website to the next level by letting All Miami Computer design team create a custom tailored site for you at a reasonable price way below market cost. Choose from a number of options, based on your budget. Once completed, you can manage the content of your site yourself or with our site up-date programs that offer you the complete stress free worries of who will keep your site current and fresh.
  • Branding : If it’s time for a new look for your brand or if you’re just starting out, work with the All Miami Computer design team to identify the look and feel that communicates your school’s objectives. This marketing consulting service includes a new logo, tag line, website, and web marketing consulting.