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Computer & Laptop Service & Repairs 


At All Miami Computer our professional tech’s provide quickest and most cost effective repair services on all kinds of computers, and laptops. We here at All Miami Computer strive to be the best in Miami and are able to repair most all makes and models, no matter where you bought it.

As a Microsoft Partner for over ten years and with the training we supply each of our tech’s, we offer the most reliable and trusted service solutions without breaking the bank. 

We are able to dispatch a tech to your home or office in the same day 99% of the time without charging any additional fee’s for travel or mileage.  

We here at All Miami Computer are always there for you with what ever your tech support needs may be. One of our highly trained tech are available 24/7 by phone. And if you like the personal touch, the All Miami Computer Services is what your looking for. 

Standard Operating Hours 

At All Miami Computer we offer standard operating hours Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and 9:00 am to 1:00 Saturday – Closed on Sundays

At All Miami Computer we offer our full repair services at the lowest rate possible in today’s economy without charging any additional travel or mileage fees. Our Basic business hour rates are $ 75.00 per hour which starts when we arrive at the Place of Business and or Home.

After Hours and Emergency Service Calls are based on an hourly rate of $ 125.00 per hour.

Standard in House verse Onsite Service.

Image result for computer repair imagesAt All Miami Computer we understand the importance a computer plays in both your business setting and in for personal use, therefore this is why we try to repair your system on site as quickly as possible however there are times when for one reason or the other a system just can’t be repaired onsite and it has to be taken in to the shop. If for any reason a system has to be brought into our shop a receipt for the unit will be provided to include a written estimate based on the hardware, parts or software that may be required.

If your system has to be brought in for repair and or a part ordered we strive to have your unit returned the following day ( Excluding Weekends and Holidays ).

Service calls received before 3:00 pm Monday – Friday are answered the same day.